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Below are 4 main stages of the implementation of any project:

Initiation - Planning - Implementation - Completion

Building a house begins with a detailed action plan!

For the successful implementation of the project, it is necessary to spend the maximum amount of time planning for lightning fast implementation. This means that at the beginning of construction you must clearly understand: what stages the project consists of, what will happen at each stage, who will participate in it and how much it will cost. The lack of this understanding leads to an increase in the duration of the project, and most importantly to an increase in the total cost!



At this stage, you make a decision about the construction, you already have a site, and an approximate vision of what you would like, as well as an understanding of your budget.

Before contacting the Architectural Bureau, you must have the following information:

  1. Surveying the site
  2. Topographic survey of the site
  3. Subsoil shooting site
  4. Ability to connect to communications
  5. Stylistic wishes (analog pictures)
  6. Fundamental understanding of the number of rooms
  7. Desired approximate area


Architects and designers can work at every stage of the project, from the creation of the concept to the final implementation. Helping you realize the project in the best way.

What does the work of architects and designers consist of?



An architectural concept is a process when your ideas are transferred from head to paper with the help of an architect. Here, the architect works to create the image of your ideal space.

Architectural solutions - at this stage, the exact creation of space with plans based on the concept, the schematic arrangement of furniture, plumbing, the determination of lighting points.

Constructive solutions - at this stage, the designer starts to work. Based on the architectural solution, all loads are calculated, nodes are developed, a specification of materials with their quantity necessary for construction is compiled.

Working documentation - at this stage there is a combination of architectural and constructive solutions and only after that a set of working drawings will be ready, on the basis of which builders can begin implementation.

Estimate - based on the robes of documentation, an estimate of the project is drawn up, but it must be understood that this will be the approximate cost of the project, which may differ by about + -30%, depending on the cost of the final materials and the choice of the construction team.

In parallel with the development of the Architectural project, partial development of the Design project can begin, the main part of the work begins only after the first stage of construction is completed, when all walls and partitions are erected, and measurements of all rooms are carried out.



The concept is the visual appearance of the interior space, here the designer, based on your wishes, offers stylistic solutions with the selection of pictures from the Internet (moodboard).

Planning decisions - at this stage the exact layout of all rooms is determined, with plans for arranging furniture, lighting fixtures, plumbing equipment, ventilation and air conditioning. Based on planning decisions, a technical task is drawn up for the development of an engineering project.

Engineering project - at this stage a full set of technical documentation is being developed on electricity, plumbing, ventilation, air conditioning, fire and security alarms (all low-current systems). Based on this project, builders understand where and how communications will take place on the premises.

3D Visualization - A 3D model is performed for a basic understanding of how the visual row of rooms will look like on the basis of the concept and planning decisions, with the arrangement of furniture.

Working documentation - at this stage, the designers give out completely ready-made project documentation with all the plans according to which the builders finish the premises.



Before starting this stage, it is necessary to determine the main contractors and suppliers who will carry out the implementation at all stages of construction and supply the necessary materials.

Architects and designers can also be involved at this stage, providing services in support of construction, selection of everything necessary for the implementation of the project.

Architectural supervision is the control of the conformity of the project (the author’s ideas) with its implementation. In fact, experts go to the site several times a month and compare the drawings with what they saw at the construction site, make adjustments and edits, and answer builders' questions. Basically, the interaction takes place between the architect, the foreman and the customer.

A complete set is the work of a specialist in selecting everything necessary for the implementation of an object, starting from building materials, finishing materials, lighting fixtures, plumbing equipment and ending with the selection of furniture.

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